Futurium is a visual technology company and we create immersive experiences that are as close to real life as possible. We develop outstanding, photoreal visualisations that are real time and interactive.
Traditionally the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry has focused on high quality render CGIs and at the same time software that provides accurate 3D models and data. However, images alone are static and software focuses more on the design and technical aspects and not the visualisation.
Futurium has developed a system that visualises photoreal quality and provides functionality, interaction and intelligence all in real time.
A combination that demands extensive R & D, the breaking of boundaries and unbelievable attention to detail.
Our clients and their customers want digital immersive experiences that look real life.
The Futurium Art Lab is full of talented artists with different expertise, experience and skill sets. Experience in 2D and 3D Graphics and skills in Architecture, Film, Game, Heritage and TV industries.
One thing they all have in common is they want to create outstanding quality art using the latest and emerging technologies.
The Art Lab team work closely with the R&D and tech teams to continually experiment and test new ways to deliver and develop outstanding visualisation.
The team also have extensive experience and knowledge of working in the construction industry and can interpret our clients' CAD drawings, Revit 3D architectural models, landscape, engineering, topography and levels.
Our real time screen sharing technologies with client technical, sales and marketing departments have provided an in depth understanding of the industry's technical requirements, an essential ingredient in producing highly accurate visualisation.

We build your assets optimised for real-time 3d experiences

The Futurium 3D system enables models and environments to be viewed from any angle to fully benefit from interactive experiences.

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Modelled for animation and configuration
External Modelling
Interior Modelling
X-Ray modelled showing Mechanical and Engineering
3D Floor Plans

Futurium 3D models integrate BIM data at a touch

Futurium models are created to enable live feed data to be integrated in the model at a touch.

The 3D assets are modelled and optimised for use on multiple platforms

We create immersive environments combining real life and virtual worlds