Futurium has developed award winning technologies

Our technologies are developed and influenced by our company's overall in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, of today's digitally connected customer and the architecture, construction and engineering plans and build requirements and processes.

Futurium technologies can be used on multiple platforms - iOS, Windows, Web and Android and can be used on multiple devices - mobile, web, PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, VR head displays and large multi touch screens.

Our system can use all the existing design software in the AEC industry. Plans, models and drawings are then developed into total 3D photo real interactive and immersive environments.

Customizable, scalable, lightning fast and easy to maintain - incredibly powerful digital experiences. Clients using our technologies consistently see an increase in engagement and results.


Digital technology developed by Futurium can be adapted to work cross platform.

3D interactive real time visualization

Interactive Real Time Visualization

This technology enables you to bring to life drawings and plans and unlike static CGIs or animations and videos it enables the user to freely view and roam in the scene in real time. Walk around a new development, inside a building, or view from any angle or position. This is real time technology.

Interactive Configurator Technologies

Configurator - providing the ability to visualize in the 3D scene different choices at a touch.

Intelligent Visualisation System

Futurium system can be integrated with clients' APIs to provide real time date for the applications. The cloud data library can automatically update in real time and provide e commerce solutions.

Building Information Modelling

BIM can be integrated into the 3D visualization providing a combination of 3D photo realistic real time visuals with data at a touch.

Multi Touch Screens
Virtual Reality Headsets