Virtual Reality

Ideal Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are ideal solutions for the real estate industry – potential customers like being able to visualize spaces which they either can't visit or don't exist yet in physical space. Virtual Reality offers an immersive way for them to do that.

VR Balloon Ride

The Futurium Virtual Reality solution provides high quality real time 3D graphics with natural lights and shadows. It also includes accurate topographical data visually showing the levels in the terrain, paths, driveways, parks, natural spaces and house finishes.

Ambitious Virtual Reality

To create the most natural and informative experience Futurium has integrated voice technology providing the ability for customers to ask questions when immersed in the environment.
The benefit for integrating voice recognition technology not only creates a natural experience for the customer but also personalises the customer journey enabling the user to ask questions and gain more information when and where they request it.
The VR experience is also intelligent linking to an API with real time data from clients.