Leading Edge, Innovative Customer Experiences

We partner with our clients and together focus on the customer and think about how technology can enhance their experience, how we can create new, connected experiences that are personalized.
Futurium helps clients create the best and most leading edge customer experiences in the world and across the entire customer journey.
Through our connected offerings in design, marketing, technology, we transform.
Please see some examples of traditional approaches and how Futurium technology can transform the customer journey.
The system can be adapted to deliver bespoke technological solutions that better meet our clients strategic objectives.

Transform the Customer Journey

Traditional 2D plans are on the majority of website in the AEC industry. Either as a download pdf 2d plan or as an interactive 2d plan.

We think the best way to describe it is

An image says a



A 3d model says a



an interactive intelligent 3d model says a



Benefits of the 3d interactive site plan

Customers understand the site plan

Customers can immerse themselves in the environment

Interactive - customers engage

Customizes journey - customer has the freedom

Intelligence - customers have live relevant and up to date information at a touch

Seamless journey - all marketing information is integrated

The Futurium system can provide bespoke solutions for many different clients in different sectors. For example the IX 3D is a solution for clients who want to showcase their difference ranges and choices and the solution provides functionality for a personalised customer experience all in 3D (iX3D).