Instant CGI

Futurium's Super-Fast
Render Cloud System

Futurium's Super-Fast Render Cloud system provides our clients and their customers the ability to produce in real time stunning photo real quality render images from the iX3D.

Imagine being able to produce in seconds a quality photo real image from any angle, camera position, choice or configuration all at a touch. With the Fast Render our clients can produce stunning images 50 times faster than CPU based renderers.

Marketing departments provide multiple CGIs for different marketing communication materials both print and digital. The benefit of the instant CGI solution is the flexibility to create high quality renders in a fraction of the time.

Apart from providing photo real images in an instant the 'Instant CGI' technology has been adapted for our clients to provide the ability for their customers to take a 'photo real instant CGI' of their choices as part of the customer journey.

The iX3D Web solution provides the ability for customers to place orders and provide image documentation of the order with breakdown of prices, specifications and choices together with a stunning image of their design choices.

The application also enables customers to use the iX3D solution to customise their design choices and to then take an instant render or 360 to then post on social media – show friends and family their bespoke designs.

Now That's Engagement!


Futurium System Provides Big Content

Marketing departments are challenged with marketing products and new developments that are not yet built or created. The Futurium system provides accurate 3D visualisations of architecture, products and environments and can provide 3D interactive visualisations in real time together with content ideal for your marketing communications.

The system transforms the way our clients create content – and the content is more relevant and flexible. Imagine being able to capture an instant CGI, videos in 3D, and 360 VR for your website in a fraction of the time.

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