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Adapted to meet our clients' specific objectives

This example shows our system can be adapted to provide solutions throughout the supply chain providing extraordinary value for our clients.

Client - Willmot Dixon
The projects shows our fully integrated visualization technology system utilizing high quality visuals that are 3D and interactive in real time. The 3D models are combined with live data feeds and where required relevant BIM data at a touch. This provides very accurate, realistic, interactive and intelligent 3D visualisation of architectural plans and developments before, during and after building.

Planning And Design
Sales And Marketing
Customer/Tenant Solutions
Ongoing Facilities Management
Virtual Receptionist

The Futurium Visualisation System
is unique and delivers value and
new ways of working for the
whole supply chain.

Design and visualization of the Science Park in its environment. Showing landscapes and future site development plans. Features information touch points to communicate the overall vision for the Science Park – relevant and beneficial to all stakeholders in the process.

Futurium technology can be used on all devices so is ideal for customer visits or mobile use. It provides the ability to utilise the immersive content onto virtual reality head displays and is ideal virtual reality experiences for events and conference. It combines augmented reality technology for users to transport the Science Park into the real world. This combination of real and digital is impactful and grabs the attention of students, graduates and trade exhibitiors. It also excites customers as part of the sales process.

3D interactive visualization assists the construction teams by providing an accurate and realistic reference combined with data and BIM in real time all at a touch. This innovative approach provides an excellent training application and is used for briefing suppliers and training teams.

Reception & Welcome

The initiative is also available to use on large multi touch screens – this is another benefit for the client and used as a virtual receptionist providing real time data and visualizing a 3D interactive plan of the building.

Impact Visualisation

This has allowed end users to visualise energy consumption and understand their impact on the environment. This innovation alone has been submitted to the BRE for an innovation credit. Enabling tenants to monitor their energy usage with screens located around the building.

This new approach was created bespoke to this project and combines the asset information model capturing big data for use throughout the in-use phase. The system utilises the Asset Information Models (AIM) through an interactive touch screen placed at various locations around the building, sharing the embedded BIM data provided from the supply chain with attached O&Ms for use by both the building's facilities managers and end users.

Capturing Big Data

The system takes the AIM a step further by linking to the Building Management System (BMS) to capture big data for the lifecycle of the building and reporting on comparisons to historical data.

Alongside the interactive floor plans, the platform provides live data and sensors throughout the building capturing energy consumption, temperature and humidity readings in each of the rooms, offices and labs together with solar PV data.

Provides instant, up-to-date energy consumption information on a room-by-room basis: Colours represent consumption on a green to red scale.

Identifies different layers of mechanical, electrical and plumbing data and geometry in our interactive intelligent visualization system.

For ongoing use of the technology provides a solution for facility managements with all the BIM data integrated within the 3D model and available at a touch.

In summary the Futurium visualisation system provides innovative solutions and improvements throughout the supply chain.

The technology is also developed for use cross platform maximizing the potential to communicate via multiple devices and providing value to all the supply chain.

For the Benefit
of Stakeholders

Facilities Management

Mobile devices are ideal as they are used throughout the building and or park.


A smarter sales tool for the client to use – mobile is ideal for visiting future tenants.

All Stakeholders

Virtual Reality head displays – ideal for BIM project events and conferences.


Visuals and videos taken from technology for marketing on websites and social media.

M-Sparc Customers, Tenants & Visitors

Large digital touch screen for virtual receptionist

Construction Teams

PC, Laptop, mobile devices for immersive experience and data at a touch.

Visiualisation And

The system also benefits the end user by allowing them to understand the building and the way it operates, gaining an immediate, in-depth understanding of energy usage, key H&S information and embedded BIM data all at a touch of a screen. The screen is accessible to all building end users, not just the Facility Manager. The results provide a greater understanding of how the building is being used on a daily basis and therefore drive a lower lifecycle cost by helping the Facility Management team to proactively monitor and respond to maintenance needs.

The 3D interactive visualization combined with data has been shared and used across the system. The ability to view the complete projects and break down into different stages or layers of the development enables the whole supply chain to use.

Architects Faulkner Brown, Willmott Dixon, The Science Park, SA Ltd (Environmental consultant), Bangor University have all been involved in the project.