Futurium Visualisation Used For BIM

We created the Weinerberger e4 UK technology solution -

  • innovative visualisation
  • specification, product selection
  • calculation tool

Giving customers an immediate impression of the e4 concept and the limitless possibilities of building with this revolutionary housing solution.

The technology helped to bring the Wienerberger e4 concept to life – a complete solution to help with the cross selling of multiple products, services, and brands.
Wienerberger wanted to showcase the design, fabric first features, BIM level 2 capability and material benefits of e4. This led to the development of the e4 UK Application.
The technology supported not only selling product but also services and a wide range of trading goods from other consortium suppliers – making this a platform to drive change in the housing industry.
Our ultimate aim was to drive the construction of better quality homes in the UK and this is the most important visualization system to help drive and communicate that process.


A key feature of the solution is the ability for customers to customise a property to their own preferences, choosing from an award-winning selection of bricks, roof tiles and pavers to see a preview of their own e4 brick house. This showcases the unrivalled flexibility of the e4 concept and our client's quality product range.

What is New?

"At Wienerberger they firmly believe that the e4 brick house represents a completely new way to build better homes. This year, with the Futurium system they've created a completely new way to encourage the construction of those homes".

Sales Tool

The technology offers an unrivalled combination of aesthetics and technical information - a detailed tour of the first ever e4 brick house, fully customisable to the design preferences of the user, and supported throughout by BIM data and performance statistics.

International Roll Out

The Futurium system can be rolled out to any of our European sister companies working on the e4 project. It has been designed for easy customisation to the requirements of each country - BIM files built in Autodesk Revit for Wienerberger bricks, roof tiles and pavers can be uploaded to the selector, making the customisation feature bespoke to each region.

Brand Awareness Piece

The technology reflects the wide range of expertise housed within Wienerberger UK. It showcases the breadth of our product range, our industry-leading BIM capabilities and provides invaluable advice on building in line with BIM level 2.

Furthermore, additional features can be added to the solution, such as guidance documents or help and advice sections, again - this content can easily be created in line with the requirements of the customer-base.

"The technology is being used at different shows, exhibitions and events due to the interactive, intelligent and high quality visual technology."

Impact of The New

The e4 UK technology solution has only been available for a short time, it has already had a sizeable impact on interest levels and sales enquiries. The margin potential for e4 is much higher than the selling of the commodity products and increase our share of the addressable market.

The technology has continued to position Wienerberger UK as an innovative, future orientated business and a leader in the development of digital tools that combine our core product offering with BIM/digital construction. The innovative platform has been designed to represent our integrated way of working, promoting the combination of value added services we are now able to offer.


Futurium Technology
is currently exhibited
at BRE Innovation Park